PocketGrandmaster screenshots

training menus on a 240x400-device
VGA- and Landscape-Layouts:
Chessset Spanish, buttons when playing online.
Options board Options playing Options engine
Game information:
edit game details game moves comment a move
level dialog, tournament levels level dialog, blitz levels level dialog, beginner- and fixed levels
Setup board:
Setup position Setup position: castling, enpassant PocketGrandmaster on a square screen device:
PocketGrandmaster on a square screen device
Database features:
database dialog, games list page database dialog, game information page database dialog, specify filter
Online-play features:
Login-information for FICS or ICC Parameters to seek a game Chat window allows to send commands to chess-server
Help available for all features:
help available for all features PocketGrandmaster, connected to the DGT electronic chessboard:
PocketGrandmaster and the DGT-Board

Some screenshots of PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone:
PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone Screen PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone Menu Maple squares

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