Register PocketGrandmaster
To register PocketGrandmaster light click here.

PocketGrandmaster is Shareware and costs 15 Euro. In order to unlock all the features of PocketGrandmaster, you can purchase a registration key by sending us the PGM Device-ID which you find in the register dialog. We'll quickly send you a temporary key and after receiving the payment, an unlimited key. Our bank account is: IBAN DE98 5001 0517 0298 1150 30, BIC INGDDEFFXXX (ING DiBa, 60628 Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

Benefits of registration:

When you purchase a key, please give your name (as entered in the owner information of Windows Mobile) and the PGM Device-ID which you find in the register dialog:

registration dialog
The PGM Device-ID makes sure that the registrationkey we compute will work on your devices. If you can't give the PGM Device-ID make sure to spell your name exactly as in the "owner information" of your Pocket PC.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with your personal registration key. Enter this key in the registration dialog within PocketGrandmaster on your Pocket PC, and your copy of PocketGrandmaster will be fully registered!

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