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Clevergames Announces chess program for Windows Mobile software for Smartphones
PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone Allows Users to play chess on their Windows Mobile-based Smartphone.
Aachen, Germany - October 21, 2003 - In conjunction with today's U.S. availability fo the Microsoft Mobile-based Smartphone, Clevergames, a company specialized in the development of mobile chess applications announced that its chess program PocketGrandmaster is now available for Windows Mobile Software for Smartphones. The Windows Mobile-base Smartphone introduces an entirely new mobile phone experience through the integration of smart software and small, stylish handsets... all within an experience that is familiar to Windows users.
PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone features a strong chess engine with different levels of strength, three chess sets, easy move input, a training mode and many more features. It allows Windows Mobile-based Smartphone customers to practice chess on their mobile phone. PocketGrandmaster is featured in the Windows Mobile Mobile2Market program.
Frank Schneider of Clevergames: "Todays Smartphones are really powerful devices - and a strong chess program is probably the best proof of their flexibility and intelligence."
"PocketGrandmaster for Windows Mobile-based Smartphones demonstrates the ease of portability and strength of the Windows Mobile development platform," said Irwin Rodrigues, lead product manager of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "Using PocketGrandmaster for Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, chess enthusiasts can refine their skills through on-the-go access and the option for various levels of play."

About Company Clevergames
Clevergames (Frank Schneider, Kai Skibbe GbR) is a small company, specialized in the development of chess software for mobile devices. Their application PocketGrandmaster is a leading edge chess program, which was first released for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs in 2001 and is now available for Windows Mobile-based Smartphones. For further information, please contact:
Frank Schneider, Clevergames, +49 241 21683,

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