Supported hardware

Basically, PocketGrandmaster runs on almost all Windows Pocket PCs (Windows Mobile 6, ..., Windows CE 3.0) which have a touchscreen and you will very likely want to download the file PocketGrandmaster_installer.exe.
To make sure PocketGrandmaster runs on your device, just install the trial version, before ordering a registration key.
If your Pocket PC runs an older version of Windows (older than Windows Mobile 2003, e.g. Windows CE 3.0), you will need the Windows CE 3.0-version. If your Pocket PC is *really* old, it might use a MIPS- or SH3-processor, in which case you'll need the MIPS- or SH3-version of PocketGrandmaster 2.1.
The list below shows some devices on which PocketGrandmaster was successfully tested. If your device is not on the list, just download the free trial version and give it a try - it will very likely work!

PocketGrandmaster 3.x does not work well on square screen-devices (the info-line below the board is not visible, is fixed in 4.0) or on devices with a resolution different from 240x320, 480x640, 320x240, 640x480 (e.g. Jornada 720). Try PocketGrandmaster 4.x or newer, if you currently run an older version.

Some users have reported, that the additional chess engine SOS does not run on MIPS (Cassiopeia EM-500, E-115G) and that Ruffian often crashes on most MIPS-devices.

PocketGrandmaster does not support the new USB-version of the DGT electronic chessboard, but it may be possible to connect it, using this description. We can't test the (serial) board with all kinds of Pocket PCs, but we know it works with iPAQ 3630/3660, Jornada 565/568, Pocket Loox and maybe others. Problems have been reported for the Dell Axim X5 and iPAQ 3950. iPAQ 2215 seems to work with a "Gomadic HP Compaq iPaq 2210 / 2215 Serial Adapter Cable with Power Jack", see here.

Please let us know if you tested PocketGrandmaster on any device which is not yet on the list, or if you got different results.

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