PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone

PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone is a lean but mean chessprogram, which offers a strong engine, a configurable board, a training mode and much more (see press release).

If you are a mobile operator or hardware vendor, please contact info@pocketgrandmaster.com for more information and a trial version.

PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone is available from Smartphone.net or Handango.
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PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone
PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone

  • strong chess engine (the same used in PocketGrandmaster)
  • opening book with 23,000 moves
  • three chess sets and eight chessboards
  • easy move input (checks legal selections), additional "smart" mode to comfortably enter moves with the action key
  • many levels including beginner levels
  • training mode with many testpositions
  • setup position (incl. castling rights, enpassant, side to move)
  • "Hint" lets PocketGrandmaster suggest a good move for you
  • "Show threat" shows the opponents threat
  • unlimited take back and move forward in current game
  • realistic sound effects
  • help available for all functions
  • PocketGrandmaster is certified as "Designed for Microsoft Windows for SmartPhone 2002".

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Hardware Requirements

Smartphone running Microsoft Windows for Smartphone 2002.
~500KB is required for the program files (executable, opening book and trainingpositions).
An additional 500KB memory space is needed by PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone when run.

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