PocketGrandmaster light features

PocketGrandmaster light is the ideal program if you just want to play a game of chess from time to time, if you don't need the advanced features of PocketGrandmaster, or if you want to upgrade to the full version later.

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PocketGM light
PocketGM light

For everyone:
toolbar for quick access to most used functions
three chess sets and five differently colored chessboards
unlimited take back and move forward in current game
select any position by a single tap in the move list
move animation with three different speeds
realistic sound effects
set-up position (incl. castling rights, enpassant, side to move)
save and load games
autosaving of current game

For beginners:
easy move input (checks legal selections)
training levels (limited search-depth modes)
"Hint" lets PocketGrandmaster suggest a good move for you
help available for all functions and dialogs

For experts:
strong chess engine
opening book 23,000 moves
information about thinking process (main line, depth, score)

options dialog
setup dialog

Hardware Requirements

Pocket PC running Pocket PC 2002 or Windows CE 3.0, see our list of compatible devices.
~300KB is required for the program files (executable, opening book and sounds).
~1MB memory space is needed by PocketGrandmaster light when run.