Welcome to PocketGrandmaster !

PocketGrandmaster is a fully featured and extremely strong chess playing program and FICS/ICC-client for Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 6/Windows Mobile 5/Windows Mobile 2003/Pocket PC 2002/Windows CE. Download a free evaluation version now or register right away!

PocketGrandmaster light is the little brother of PocketGrandmaster. At a lower price it offers superb playability, a strong engine, many features and a discount when upgrading to PocketGrandmaster.

PocketGrandmaster is a also available for Microsoft Windows for Smartphone 2002, see here.
PocketGrandmaster, big board layout PocketGrandmaster, small board layout

PocketGrandmaster boasts a fully configurable board, simple yet far-reaching functions to work with game databases, various levels, a chessclock, an analysis mode for tutoring and problem solving, and even hints to help improve your gameplay!

5 cows from Tucows
5 stars from Pocket PC Life

PocketGrandmaster features an extremely strong chess engine, and plays interesting and often aggressive chess. The engine is a successor to the program which finished 4th in the World Microcomputer Chess Championships 2001, winning the title of the 18th World Microcomputer Amateur Chess Champion.

PocketGrandmaster menus PocketGrandmaster contextmenu Login chess-server ICC or FICS

For everyone:

play chess against real people on the popular chess servers FICS and ICC
toolbar and contextmenu for quick access to the most frequently used functions
different, flippable, board layouts, including VGA- and Landscape-layouts
six chess sets and many chessboards
move animation, realistic sound effects
spoken announcements of moves
unlimited take back and move forward in current game
supports games with variations, comments and annotations
set-up position (incl. castling rights, enpassant, side to move)
save, load, append, replace and delete games from pgn-databases
search for games in databases with adjustable filter
autosaving of current game
For beginners:
  • easy move input (checks and shows legal moves)
  • coach- and training mode
  • "Show threat" lets PocketGrandmaster tell you his plans
  • "Hint" lets PocketGrandmaster suggest a good move for you
  • analysis mode to browse through your games and find mistakes
  • "Easy"-levels
  • help available for all functions and dialogs
For experts:
  • extremely strong chess engines Fruit, Toga and Anaconda (successor of the Amateur World Champion 2001)
  • fully configurable time controls
  • multiple levels for both blitz and tournament modes
  • opening book with 200,000 moves
  • quick move input (one tap logic, piece dragging)
  • pondering (permanent brain)
  • information about thinking process (main line, depth, score, nodes)
  • adjustable hashtable size, clear hashtable command
  • supports the DGT electronic chessboard!
  • (Exception: it seems it does not work with the Dell Axim X5.)
tournament levels games list in database dialog Games list of FICS in observe dialog
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Hardware Requirements

PocketGrandmaster is developed for Pocket PCs using the operating systems Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2002 or Windows CE 3.0 and should run on almost all Windows Pocket PCs. See our list of compatible devices.

Supported are Pocket PCs with StrongARM or XScale processors, like Dell Axim, HTC Touch and Compaq iPaq, but PocketGrandmaster 2.1 is also known to run on most MIPS and SH3 devices.

~5MB is required for the program files (executable, opening book and sounds).

~5MB memory space is needed by PocketGrandmaster when run (increasing or decreasing the hashtable size can change this figure).