PocketGrandmaster 4.1
Chess program and FICS/ICC-client for Windows Mobile PDAs and
five times Winner of Pocket PC Magazine's Best Software Awards

New: iGrandmaster, a PocketGrandmaster-based chess program for
iPhone/iPod Touch is now available from the AppStore.

PocketGrandmaster and the DGT-Board

"In fact, I think we have an overall winner, which clearly outperforms all other programs. For some people it will not be very surprising, since the program won other software-awards already in the past." ... "Winner Pro for Pocket PCs: PocketGrandmaster v2.1"
Dr. Axel Schumacher, Comparison of Chess Programs for Pocket PC and Palm devices, 20 September 2005.

"This version of PocketGrandmaster sees a number of improvements that are simply great to have, and a number that are truly surprising. Right now, the program has very few deficiencies, and is the best chess program currently available for the PocketPC."
Bob Pawlak, www.chessreviews.co.uk, 5 December 2002.

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