Installing PocketGrandmaster.exe

The installation with the .exe-file is the most convenient way to install PocketGrandmaster. Just start the file (PocketGrandmaster_installer.exe) on your desktop-PC by double-clicking it. Please read the infos in the upcoming screen and press NEXT. Accept the licence aggreement and press again NEXT. Now the installation program will connect to the Windows CE Application Manager and install PocketGrandmaster in the Games\ folder.
When you install an upgrade, make sure to write down your old registration key before uninstalling the previous version.

Installing PocketGrandmaster.CAB

Installing a .cab-file is easy - you have only to tap it in the file explorer on your Pocket PC.
There are various ways to move the .cab-file to your Pocket PC:

Installation of a cabinet-file from a desktop PC using Microsoft ActiveSync:
  1. Place your Pocket PC in the docking station (cradle) and wait until it is synchronized
  2. Open the folder "PocketPC_My Documents" on your desktop. If you don't have this folder you can open one as follows:
    • start MicrosoftActiveSync
    • click the "browse" button
    • a window "mobile device" opens
  3. Copy the cabinet-file to the folder you opened in step 2.
  4. Find the file on your Pocket PC using the file explorer from the start menu.
  5. Tap it. PocketGrandmaster will be installed in \Programs\PocketGrandmaster. To save space the cabinet-file will automatically be deleted from your Pocket PC.

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