Our guestbook-provider went offline in October 2007, so currently there is no guestbook here.... However, you can find the old entries below.

65  Date: 2007-04-19 02:56:42
James Constance ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Pocket Grandmaster 3.0.1 - This is a great program, allowing you to play against the strongest pocket pc engine, Toga II 1.2.1, with permanent brain (unlike CEBoard), as well as a few other engines.

While the interface is generally excellent,it shouldn't be difficult to make clearer piece sets (the cases and linares sets were preferable before the shading was added) - perhaps brian whitby would do some!! Also the ability to choose the colour of the light and dark squares would be very welcome.

The button on the bottom toolbar which shows the pgn - perhaps that could be modified so that if you pressed it again you would return to the board (at present you have to press ok). And how about different colours for different levels of variation and comments - this would make the pgn useful for annotated games.

Best regards

64  Date: 2006-11-25 07:37:20
Guenter Schramm ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

A really exceptional program. It easily competes with Fritz 7 on my PC. Not to mention the support, I lost my registration and had it resend in a matter of minutes !!!
Great stuff

63  Date: 2006-10-18 12:02:08
Ralf ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Wer ein umfangreiches Schachprogramm mit einigen starken Engines sucht, sollte sich PocketGrandmaster unbedingt ansehen, zumal es (im Gegensatz zu PocketFritz) zu einem fairen Preis zu haben ist.

Zwei Schwächen sollten aber noch ausgeräumt werde, zum einen reagieren die Buttons auf schnelle Eingaben recht empfindlich, zum anderen beanstandet der Trainer häufig Züge, die einem dann aber als Tip vorgeschlagen werden. Für Anfänger dürfte das verwirrend sein.

62  Date: 2006-10-18 08:26:07
SOME CHESS NERD ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Great game! Keep up the good work!! I really like the computer tutor!

61  Date: 2006-09-08 09:35:02
Pedro Fonseca ( / no homepage) wrote:

A great program, but:
- it would be nice that it could work online (connect to databases, play online, etc)
- it would be nice that you work a little more in interface of some options, daving games, editing detaiuls, etc.
- Final question... why does he always tend to play Sicilian Defense????

60  Date: 2006-09-07 12:42:05
Robert ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nice, but I have some suggestion s:

1) Support 3 and 4 piece table bases. Why? Well it would be nice to practice endgames. Currently, like most chess programs, the endgame is poor. With modern memory cards holding up to 4GB, its very practical to hold the file sizes. 5-piece would *currently* be impractical on a PDA, but I suspect this will soon practical. These can be downloaded free from several places.

2) Like many others, I'd like support for online chess servers (mainly ICC, but since the command sets are very, doing ICC would work on FICS (which the last entry mentioned) ,

3) Somewhat better PGN/database support - the free CE Board is better in this respect.

4) Connection to online databases, like that at Chessbase. Whilst I doubt Chessbase would give you the protocol, there are several free now - or how about hosting your own?

Thanks for reading this.


59  Date: 2006-08-04 16:56:50
Pascal Georges ( / no homepage) wrote:

Really nice and polished chess prog, but I miss these features :
- multi variations display (like Pocket Fritz 2)
- play online on FICS (less important).

What is now cooking for next version ?

58  Date: 2006-07-24 15:45:09
Dan ( / no homepage) wrote:

I don't own a handheld computer, but having seen this on a friend's handheld, I'm seriously thinking of buying one!!

Online chess would be nice - is that possible in the current version? (my friends was an older release).

57  Date: 2006-06-14 18:48:41
Paolo ( / wrote:

Really a good chess software!

56  Date: 2006-05-28 22:11:28
Arthur Lane ( / no homepage) wrote:

Absolutely a great chess program.

55  Date: 2006-04-25 11:49:31
Chris ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

This latest version is the best,with the engine of Fruit 2.1 makes it as strong if not better than Fritz2 or Hiarcs on Palm.

54  Date: 2006-04-21 17:21:18
Jürgen Pagel ( / no homepage) wrote:

Ich spiele seit ca. 2 Jahren mit großer Freude mit diesem Programm und freue mich darüber, daß an dem Programm weiter gearbeitet wird. Ich habe die Version 3.0 bestellt und bin sehr gespannt.

53  Date: 2006-04-15 20:43:40
Eugenio Davolio ( / wrote:

Great software, congratulations!
There's one aspect in which PGM might be better, though: database management. Since I use PGM to accumulate interesting positions that I find on newspapers and magazines to transform them later on in exercises for my little chess homepage, I continuously save and retrieve games to/from databases, and too often I happen to find myself fighting against the way PGM handles the databases: lost games, double games, overwritten games... too bad.
A better file management would really be the cherry on the cake!

52  Date: 2006-01-04 12:43:52
Andreas Herrmann ( / no homepage) wrote:

Eine tolle Software. Als ich eine Frage gestellt habe, kam von Herrn Schneider prompt die Antwort. Das Programm ist definitiv seinen Preis wert und es macht auch nach langer Zeit noch großen Spaß. Vielen Dank.

51  Date: 2006-01-03 01:53:20
blitzwithu ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great little program. Thanks

50  Date: 2005-12-30 16:08:24
Seppie Panzer ( / no homepage) wrote:

Wirklich ein tolles Program!

49  Date: 2005-12-23 05:57:03
vinod ( / wrote:

i am addicted to chess playing

48  Date: 2005-10-11 13:33:29
Rich Hawley ( / wrote:

It is worth noting that Pocketgrandmaster runs perfectly on the NEC Mobilepro 900C HPC handheld. Visit to see a screenshot of the program in action.

47  Date: 2005-10-08 23:26:49
Luis De Jesus ( / no homepage) wrote:

I'm in the process of obtaining a Pocket PC and after the reviews, I know I have to get my hands on this software.

46  Date: 2005-08-20 13:48:23
glong ( / no homepage) wrote:

bellissimo programma

45  Date: 2005-08-03 22:06:36
JULGEISS ( / wrote:

Superbe programme d'échecs: différents moteurs d'analyses, niveau finement paramètrables, très bon niveau, très belle interface, bibliothèques d'ouverture, partie au format ".pgn", etc...
Alors je l'ai enregistrée.

44  Date: 2005-05-13 18:29:44
John B. Loiodice ( / wrote:

Great Site!

I've also updated my chess site here:

Loiodice's Chess Collection

43  Date: 2005-05-02 07:05:53
J. Neto ( / no homepage) wrote:

I love this software. It's user friendly, the database feature is quite handy and the graphics are very nice.
Just a little thing is missing, for this software to be the market leader. ICC interface being added in the next release. Are you guys considering that? Pleeease...

42  Date: 2005-04-06 03:20:22
Perry C. ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Love what I've seen so about the ICC interface.....please?

41  Date: 2005-01-14 00:42:34
byron washington ( / no homepage) wrote:

love the game

40  Date: 2004-09-16 00:36:11
Ed Conrad ( / no homepage) wrote:

just a begginer (...though not young!)... fun to train on when at McDonalds with kid, sitting in a boorrrring meeting.

39  Date: 2004-08-16 19:22:29
Mark Henri ( / wrote:

I like the light version. Not only was the price right but it's perfect for my beginner skill level. It moves fast and the games are fun.


Mark Henri

38  Date: 2004-05-19 07:16:23
Mark Winfield ( / no homepage) wrote:

This is a great program and I have registered. I looked at a lot of other chess programs before this one and only got this one because in my opinion it seemed to be the best one. I am extremely happy with the choice that I made.
A few things could make the program much better; it would be good to be able to create opening books in some way and it would be useful to be able to view the database in landscape orientation.
It would be nice if on the website there was an area where news of future updates were given. i.e. when they were coming out and what we could expect to see in them.

I will be recommending this software to everyone. Well done.

37  Date: 2004-05-07 07:00:01
Christian R. ( no email / no homepage) wrote:


es wäre schön, wenn es eine Möglichkeit geben würde, mehr als nur eine Variante während einer Analyse eines Spiels anzeigen zu lassen.

Außerdem wäre es hilfreich, die Bewertung der Stellung unabhängig von der am Zug befindlichen Seite anzeigen zu lassen. Beispielsweise immer -2.64 wenn Schwarz besser steht (egal, welche Seite gerade am Zug ist).


36  Date: 2004-04-08 03:28:53
Louis ( / no homepage) wrote:

Love it, are you guys going to be doing some more chess software such as all puzzles to help improve your game level any time soon?

35  Date: 2004-03-01 21:29:36
Richard Miles ( / no homepage) wrote:

The program is nice, but a few things could make it very very nice indeed.

1) An interface to ICC - not just a guest interface as on one of the other chess programs, but with the ability to log into ICC using one's own username and password.

I belive others have made this point, but it needs making again, as playing online is more interesting than playing a computer.

2) More opening books. There seems to be one book supplied, but there are no more for download. Some informaiton on how to create one would be useful. For example, if I'd like to learn the french defense, it would be nice to create an opeing book with lots of french defense games. It seems odd to allow one to select an opening book, but not to provide any method of using another.

3) Some database funntions, like in scid and chessbase. scid is open-source - could you not use some of its functionality ? Perhaps handle files in scid format.

4) The ability to use the crafty chess engine. That is a simple application with no GUI, so should compile very easily, with minimal work.

5) The score always to be shown from the point of view of white - i.e. positive when white is winning, negative when black is winning. I find this score to be inconsistant here. Crafty changed to a consistant way (not depending on whose turn it is to move) and I think that was the right decision.

I have not registered this yet. I certainly would if there was a decent interface to ICC. If you do this, don't forget to allow people to select the port, as that can be an issue with a firewall configured to open on a partciular port.

Richard M.

34  Date: 2004-02-18 00:34:46
Dr. David Kirkby ( / wrote:

First I'd like to say how impressed I am with the game. It plays well, has a nice interface etc. I've not compared it with pocket fritz, but one other bit of shareware I compared it with was a complete joke.

I have two suggestions for improvements.

First, and most usefully, an interface to ICC. I guess FICS would be useful too, although ICC much more so.

Secondly, the ability to automatically append all games played to a pgn file would be useful, so you have a record of all games played. Each game should be well under 1 kB, so within reason the limited space should be no issue.

33  Date: 2003-10-24 22:25:49
Hamad Al-Qayed ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very nice and powerful chess program. I have tried both PocketFritz and ChessGenius but PocketGrandmaster is the best among all of them. Keep the good work.

32  Date: 2003-09-19 18:36:15
Porzel Hans ( / no homepage) wrote:

Sorry, but your chess-board on the website is wrong! It must have on the right hand site a white field! Your's is black. But this is the only one what is bad, all the other features are great!! Very great! Bye! Hans from Germany!
September 19th, 2003

31  Date: 2003-08-26 06:18:42
Cameron Reilly ( / no homepage) wrote:

I've been using PocketGrandmaster on my 02 xda for several months and have not only been very happy with the app, but VERY pleased with Frank's customer service! He is very prompt at answering customer questions and helping solve upgrade issues! Highly recommended!

30  Date: 2003-07-28 21:52:43
Jim Whitaker ( / wrote:

Great little program, makes me wonder how you squeez that much logic in a package that small?

29  Date: 2003-03-24 18:31:43
J C Hamre ( / no homepage) wrote:

Pocketgrandmaster has been a wonderful program. As a fellow programmer I give it a big thumbs up!! Intuitave yet functional and challenging. I look forward to future chess engines and versions. Thus far Pocketgrandmaster has been responsible for many late nights playing chess. Thank you. JC

28  Date: 2003-03-07 21:10:41
Jim ( / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on a fantastic product. Looks great, designed very well for pocket pc, great engines, excellent database facilities, and good for replaying games. I can't fault it. I don't know about pocket fritz, but the two next best pocket pc programs, genius and chess partner, don't come anywhere close. I would unhesitatingly recommend this to anybody looking for a top-notch piece of chess software. I look forward to further developments (although I can't think of any important ones!) and further downloads from your site!

27  Date: 2003-02-24 22:49:00
Steffen ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

I Have this program now for a while and it is really nice, it does get a little boring as it always plays the same opening lines.
4 out of 5

26  Date: 2002-12-29 17:30:40
Cristian ( / no homepage) wrote:

Just make a simple analysis on todays' chess market for Pocket pc. Two programs stand out: PocketFritz and PocketGrandmaster. People that purchased PocketFritz 1.0 must purchase the full version of PocketFritz 2.0 if they want to upgrade. The ones who chose PocketGrandmaster 1.0 "must" download the 2.0 upgrade for FREE. Bitter irony?! That's why I take the time to make readers understand the REAL difference.
PocketFritz is a very dry piece of software. Strong level but for most of us useless. Replay games feature and arrows were in the 1st version of PocketGrandmaster.
Now Chessbase (PocketFritz's makers) introduces them as version 2.0.
In the meantime PocketGrandmaster moved to DGT, nice graphics, improved engines (3!!!). And it plays quality chess!

Well done guys!!! 5 stars quality product at 6 stars price!!!

25  Date: 2002-12-28 06:39:57
Josh Szepietowski ( / wrote:

This is a very good Chess Program. It is hard for me to say if it compares to the great PocketFritz... But I simply do not want to have to have Pocketfritz shipped... Chessbase NEEDS a download option :\

24  Date: 2002-12-22 22:38:44
Marcus Kästner ( / no homepage) wrote:

the best pocket-pc chess-program i´ve ever seen. congratulations to you. it´s extremely funny to play pocket gromit. but also the other engines (ruffian, sos are very nice, but gromit is the best!) very good work. keep on!


23  Date: 2002-12-13 08:34:02
Bryan Whitby ( / wrote:

Excellent product. 10/10 rating. Everything that you could wish for in a chess program. Any chance of a PalmGrandmaster version in the future ? Regards from England Bryan Whitby

22  Date: 2002-12-12 03:35:00
Charlie ( / no homepage) wrote:

Im d/l as I am typing this. It looks like a saticifing game so far.

21  Date: 2002-11-25 15:59:27
Juan Montoya ( / no homepage) wrote:

It is a great pocket pc, keep up the good work.
I just downloaded to my pocket pc 2 weeks ago and I love it.

20  Date: 2002-10-25 01:19:34
Carlos Avalos ( / no homepage) wrote:

It's the first time I kwow about your program...I really like strong pocket chess programs!

19  Date: 2002-10-06 16:51:15
Robert Pawlak ( / wrote:

A wonderful program that is great fun to play. PGM has many options to control the strength of play, which is very important.

Please keep up the good work.

18  Date: 2002-09-14 16:51:58
Jason Ng ( / no homepage) wrote:

I like the game very much .
it's moves and play are very classic and difficulty levels are all within control.
well done ! pocketgrandmaster

17  Date: 2002-08-09 13:01:23
Alexander ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very good game. Just got it today and already love it. Thanks.

16  Date: 2002-08-08 10:11:36
Harel Boren ( / no homepage) wrote:

I have seen many ppc programs for chess, and even registered 3 - including this one. A fine combination between database control (the best I found), interface (the wooden board + vector piece like set are very much like ICC's) and high flexibility in operation. I like what I bought.
To business - 2 things missing in the program: (1) a one-click way to see captured pieces.
(2) a way to move from one game to the next, in a pgn database. This will enhance the userablity of databases.

One this missing in the site is pgn problem files. The program is so good for database management and problems a click away on the site will be a real treat.

Many thanks,
Harel Boren

15  Date: 2002-08-03 03:58:28
John Kaess ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great program. I'm registering it today on Handango. I'd like to see a feature that Pocketchess 1.1 has. A simple putton to tap that shows pieces taken by each side. Gives a quick feel for whaere the game is. Aslo, maybe a quick way to see the game score (white ahead 1.02, etc). Thanks for a great game. I compared 4 pocket pc versions of chess before selecting yours to register.

14  Date: 2002-07-06 03:49:15
Robert Parent ( / no homepage) wrote:

Will be playing this game and saving to register it.

13  Date: 2002-05-31 20:44:06
Hale Rickman ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nice program, keep me updated with future enhancements

12  Date: 2002-05-03 17:26:07
Bernd Owsnicki-Klewe ( / wrote:

Hi! What an interesting page! Let me know when a PalmOS version is in the works. Best wishes Bernd Owsnicki-Klewe

11  Date: 2002-04-16 11:41:06
R.Kesavan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Your web-site is fantastic!
The cynosure of all chess buffs in the world, indeed.
Requesting kindly to update all developments then and there so that the chess fraternity will immensely benefit from it.

10  Date: 2002-03-11 23:34:57
Jarvis Jones ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great pocket pc, keep up the good work.

9  Date: 2002-02-13 09:09:24
Ignas ( / no homepage) wrote:

this is good page andgood game, I like chess game

8  Date: 2002-01-28 23:09:41
Norbert Markus ( / no homepage) wrote:

Die(!) Schachstation für unterwegs !

Ich bin begeistert von der eleganten, funktionalen Oberfläche, den ausgefuchsten Datenbankfunktionen und der Spielstärke des Programms.

Der ideale Gegenpart zum "ChessPad" auf dem PC, mit ähnlicher Bedienung und Ergonomie. Wenn ich doch nur Gromit hier ans laufen brächte... !?

with compliments
Norbert Markus

7  Date: 2002-01-23 21:51:55
Alastair Scott ( / wrote:

A first-rate package and easily worth the USD25; interesting style, lots of facilities, a clean interface and not too strong (if I want to lose over and over again with scarcely a chance I switch to Pocket Fritz :)

If I were an artist, I'd try to help with improving the board graphics and giving a choice of piece set, the weakness of the current graphics being the only minor problem; I'll have to wait and see what those more talented than me come up with.

The hint of more engines and styles is very interesting, as the great weakness of the current PocketPC program is that the engines lack options for tinkering and can get a bit predictable (although they still beat me); Tiger for Palm is pre-eminent in that sort of customisation.

6  Date: 2002-01-16 02:51:59
Frank Quisinsky ( / wrote:

Hallo Kai und Frank,

Gromit war eines der ersten frei verfügbaren WinBoard Engines. Mit Kai habe ich vor Jahren viele interessante Turniere organisiert und wir hatten sehr viel Spass an diesen WinBoard Turnieren. Seinzerzeit brachte Djordje unsere Ergebnisse auf seine Webseite und auch Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic ereiferte sich an den ermittelten Resulaten. Auch Frank war bzw. ist stetig interessiert an kommentierten Partien und ich kann mich an einige interessante Diskussionen mit Frank erinnern. Selbst erfreue ich mich an dem aufregendem Spiel von Gromit. Es fällt schon in Datenbanken auf das Gromit sehr geringe Remisquoten erreicht (vergleichbar zu AnMon). Gromit spielt aggressiv und sehr interessanten Pointen im Königsangriff. Es macht Spass sich mit Eurem Programm zu beschäftigen. Ich zähle Gromit zu den TOP Programmen die unter WinBoard lauffähig sind und durch die Aktion eine Gromit Version als WinBoard Engine frei zu geben habt Ihr Beiden sehr vielen Personen eine sehr grosse Freude bereitet. Muss gerade an die WM in Paderborn denken. Gromit auf Platz 30 gesetzt schockte die Konkurrenz durch fantastische Ergebnisse. Für Personen die sich im Vorfeld zu dieser WM mit Eurem Programm beschäftigt haben war dieses gute Abschneiden sicherlich keine grosse Überraschung. Nun der Amateurweltmeistertitel und die Entwicklung bei Euch nimmt sehr interessante Formen an.

Ach ja, bei Gromit 3.6 aufwärts sind die seinerzeit bemängelten Schwächen in Turmendspielen bzw. bei dem Übergang zum Endspiel nicht mehr zu erkennen. Anscheinend habt Ihr Gromit gerade in diesem Bereich verbessern können.

Zum Pocket Grandmaster kann ich nicht sehr viel schreiben. Ich war kurze Zeit im Besitz von einem IPAQ 3630. Diese Geräte sind wirklich beeindruckend. Der Nachteil sind die kurzen Betriebszeiten bei Akku Nutzung. Ansonsten können die IPAQs ja mit Netzteil betrieben werden und ich bin sehr gespannt auf die weitere Entwicklung im Pocket Bereich. In naher Zukunft werde ich mir sicherlich auch wieder einen IPAQ zulegen und mir natürlich den Pocket Grandmaster untem Nagel ziehen. Sehr interessant was Sascha zu diesem Thema in Euer Gästebuch geschrieben hat.

Wünsche Euch beiden noch viel Spass beim Programmieren und möchte mich für die WB Gromit 3.8.2 bzw. für Euren Einsatz bedanken.


5  Date: 2001-12-31 04:44:52
Bhavin ( / wrote:

I am impressed! However, the graphics need a bit of shining. What is your plan to get some 3-d pieces with unique colors as options? Best of luck! Bhavin

4  Date: 2001-12-25 22:44:53
Sascha Warnemuende ( / no homepage) wrote:

Gromit (Pocketgrandmaster) für PocketPC ist der ultimative Reiseschachcomputer. Vor Monaten hatte ich die Schwächen von PocketFritz mehrfach angemahnt – von Seitens ChessBase kam jedoch nie eine Antwort, geschweige denn ein Update!
Aber offensichtlich wurde mein Flehen (und das vieler PocketPC Besitzer in meinem Verein) erhört. Die Macher vom Gromit (aktueller Amateurweltmeister) haben Ihr Programm für den PocketPC konvertiert. Das Programm hat alle Funktionen, die man sich wünschen kann und die für ein professionelles Produkt Standard sein sollten: Autosave bei Verlassen, einstellbare Hashtables, frei wählbare Farben, sehr übersichtliches Display mit Einblick in den Rechenvorgang, sehr umfangreiche Datenbankfunktionen, frei wählbares Eröffnungsbuch (ein sehr gutes Buch mit 200.000 Zügen ist als kostenloser Download auf der Homepage verfügbar) und und und.
Natürlich sind die Bedienung und die Features eines Schachprogrammes wichtig – aber was ist mit der Spielstärke? Ich selbst habe mit meinen ca. 2.100 Elos keine Chance gegen PG auf meinem iPaq 3870! Gromit überzeugt durch ein sehr lebendiges und abwechslungsreiches Spiel ohne erkennbare typische Schwächen. Um eine bessere Vergleichbarkeit zu erreichen, habe ich noch PG dem BT2450 Test unterzogen. Einstellungen 4 MB HT. Ergebnis: 2.261 Elo Punkte! Zum Vergleich: PocketFritz 2.326 Punkte, ChessGenius 2.152 Punkte! Im praktischen Spiel (eine Stunde pro Seite / Spiel) PG – Fritz: 4,5 – 5,5! PG – Genius: 7 – 3!
Zusammenfassend: für 25 Euro (halb so teuer wie Fritz) inkl. vieler Funktionen, hoher Spielstärke und kostenloser Updates gibt es nicht mehr Schach fürs Geld für den PPC! Auch für jeden Besitzer von Fritz oder Genius ist PG ein absolutes „must have“ für den mobilen Schachcomputer!

PS: Nein, ich bekomme nichts für die Werbung - ich bin einfach nur sehr angetan von diesem wirklich gelungenen Erstlingswerk!

3  Date: 2001-12-17 20:25:06
Manfred Meiler ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hallo Frank & Kai,

Glückwunsch zu Eurem (überraschenden) Entschluss, Gromit nun auf diesem Wege anzubieten !
Da ich (noch) nicht im Besitz eines Pocket-PC bin, kann ich mich mit dieser neuen Gromit-Variante selbst noch nicht beschäftigen.
Aber es macht weiteren Appetit...
Viel Glück jedenfalls !


2  Date: 2001-12-16 00:29:56
Sascha Warnemuende ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nach einem kurzen Blick auf die Beta: für die Beta eines Erstlingswerkes wirklich sehr gelungen. Sobald die erste Final Release erscheint, werde ich hier einen ausführlichen Bericht über die Spielstärke im Vergleich zu den Mitbewerbern verfassen.

1  Date: 2001-12-07 21:15:02
Ingo Bauer ( / no homepage) wrote:

WOW. I am really impressed. First attempt and the full funktion of Pocket Fritz! I am curios to see future developments and how it is possible to improve this product. :-)


PS: Why is there no EURO price?