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Installationfile (.exe) Cabinet-file (.cab)
PocketGrandmaster 4.3
(Windows Mobile 6.x, 5.x, 4.x)
PocketGrandmaster.exe .cab
PocketGrandmaster 4.3
PocketGrandmasterD.exe .cab
PocketGrandmaster 4.1
(Windows CE 3.0,...,Pocket PC 2002)
PocketGrandmasterCE.exe .cab
PocketGrandmaster 4.1
PocketGrandmasterDCE.exe .cab
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English (.exe) English (.cab)
Spanish (.exe) Spanish (.cab)
German (.exe) German (.cab)
French (.exe) French (.cab)
Dutch (.exe) Dutch (.cab)
Previous versions:
(supported Pocket PCs) ARM/XScale MIPS SH3 ARM MIPS SH3
PocketGrandmaster 3.0.1 PocketGrandmaster.exe .cab
PocketGrandmaster 3.0.1 (german) PocketGrandmaster.exe .cab
PocketGrandmaster 3.0 (Installer for Mac/PC)
PocketGrandmaster 2.1 PocketGM.exe .exe .exe .cab .cab .cab
PocketGrandmaster 2.1 (german) .exe .exe .exe .cab .cab .cab
PocketGrandmaster light .exe .exe .exe .cab .cab .cab
PocketGrandmaster for Smartphone 2002 is available from or Handango
additional chess engines for PocketGrandmaster:
Naum 4 (only ARM/XScale) - - - see here - -
Toga II 3.1.2SE (only ARM/XScale) .zip - - - - -
Toga II 1.2.1a (only ARM/XScale) .zip - - - - -
Fruit 2.1 (only ARM/XScale) .zip - - - - -
SOS (only ARM/XScale) .exe (.exe) (.exe) .cab (.cab) (.cab)
Note: since the engines are provided by their authors, we can't give support for them or guarantee that they work correctly on all devices.

You'll get either a self-extracting executable (.exe) for installation from your desktop PC or a "cabinet" file (.cab) which can be moved directly to your Pocket PC (see installation).

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