PocketGrandmaster is the brainchild of Frank Schneider and Kai Skibbe.

Frank wrote his first chessprogram in 1986 and has been steadily improving it since then.

Kai had volunteered as a tester for some time before he became a core-developer in 1999, when they started rewriting the engine from scratch. The photo below was taken at the World Microcomputer Chess Championships 2001 in Maastricht and shows the game GromitChess against the previous Amateur Worldchampion ParSOS (Kai is on the left, Frank on the right).

Kai Skibbe and Frank Schneider

Please see the AnacondaChess homepage for information about PocketGrandmaster's predecessors.

... with a little help from some friends ...

A big thank you goes to:
The chess set graphics are based on the beautiful chessfonts by Armando H. Marroquin and are used with the kind permission of the author.

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